#3 Practicing Sales Presentation Skills

In part 2 of the Sales Presentation 101 series, we shared valuable insights on how you can supercharge your sales deck with powerful storytelling. This time we give you tips on how to practice your sales presentation.

You have a unique value proposition and a great sales deck. What next?  It is now time for a too often overlooked aspect of the sales presentation: how to deliver it in the most impactful way. 

Understanding your audience is critical when perfecting your sales pitch. When you start selling your product in a new market, it also means you’ll have to adapt your sales strategy to an entirely new audience. Ultimately, everyone has the same goal – a happy customer. Still, U.S. companies approach sales quite differently than their French counterparts.

We are not equal as to how well we are able to communicate ideas but don’t think that Americans were all born with these great communication skills. They have been practicing since Kindergarten. And the good news is: you can improve your presentation skills at every stage of your life. So if we have one message to convey:


But how?

First by yourself. You can either just listen to yourself, watch you in the mirror or record yourself. You will see all the little words you should remove and will be able to check your body language

Second: Do your presentation to nice friends or family members ready to listen. Even if they don’t understand the topics, it will force you to adapt while still making sure you convey the most important ideas.

Third: Try with current customers or partners. Check how they react. Ask them to provide you feedback. What is clear? What is not? What questions do they ask?

Fourth: Go live with potential customers. See how they react and feel free to make minor changes iteratively based on feedback. 

Here is a list of great articles on the topics: 

  1. Start with why by Simon Sinek explores the Golden Circle of “Why, How and What” before prospecting 
  2. Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! by Ernesto Sirolli talks about practicing the art of listening on sales calls
  3. How Language Shapes the Way We Think by Lera Boroditsky shares how speech is a salesperson’s most powerful tool 

This might sound silly but you will notice very quickly how your presentation skills will start improving once you decide you can act upon them. And once you are convinced, start putting in place a real process to make sure your whole team is able to deliver a great presentation!

Final Thoughts

Following the steps above will ensure that your sales pitch is clear, direct, and effective,but remote B2B sales is a skill that requires practice. It demands that you experiment with several templates with numerous prospects and refine your content. 

“Be a resource, not a sales pitch”

If you’re looking for feedback on your sales pitch contact us now and we can provide you a free mentoring session.