We Are  Built to Add Value for Scientific Entrepreneurs

Building successful transatlantic ventures with scientific entrepreneurs

We are first and foremost entrepreneurs. 

We love to build great ventures both human and technical. 

We love to be at the heart of the project, contributing to each and every aspect. 

Since the start of big bang factory, we wanted to launch a first startup based on the great engineering and scientific skills of French researchers. We had the chance to meet this extraordinary team at Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie and we created AVATAR MEDICAL in July 2020.

In 18 months, we were able to finalize a first version of the product, we raised EUR 1.2 million, we received many endorsements and prizes such as iLab, iNov, Medift, Sifted…, we did a FDA pre-submission and we signed the first customer. We truly see the value of adding our cross-border business expertise to the amazing scientific and engineering talent of our technical team. 

We love this and are now ready to start a new venture.

You have a great idea and a breakthrough technology but you look for support to get it off the ground? Do you want to test the waters before starting a bold entrepreneur journey?  big bang factory is a transatlantic venture builder that helps inventive researchers to find sustainable business applications for their technology.

We are DOERS and we provide a proven process to test potential applications quickly and gather the winning cross-border team to launch your startup including access to talents, repeat entrepreneurs, capital & clients. We’re here for you every step of the way so that you can focus on what matters most – strengthen your scientific barrier to entry. 

You want to take a leap into transatlantic ventures with scientific boots, let’s chat!