“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

For a successful U.S. launch you have to come prepared! Go-to-market strategy will help you to set your goals and plans, to validate the opportunity before making the investment, to align your team along a common vision, and to convince your (potential) investors!

In order to make you gain a precious time, we act as your extended team in the U.S. and help you elaborate your go-to-market with high-standard methodology.

We have developed an in-house framework to design, review and validate your Value Proposition and Go-To-Market strategy, based on three pillars:

1. Value Proposition Review, based on Market Study, Workshops with internal key stakeholders (CEO, Product Owner, CMO, etc.), and Interviews with current customers.

2. Market Validation and Refinement of your Value Proposition through a couple dozens of feedback meetings with external players (industry experts, potential buyers or partners, key opinion leaders, regulators, etc.)

3. Go-to-Market Plan including main results and recommendations for action (segmentation, use case prioritization, competitive analysis, positioning, buyer personae definition, value chain, pricing, business plan, channel selection, partnerships, etc.)

Along our 15 years of business strategy experience, we have developed a large and rich go-to-market analysis toolkit.

Depending on your specific market, solution, and pain points, we will choose the best tools – and adapt them if required – in order to make the most enlightened decisions. A few examples:

  • If the core question for a retail-based solution is WHERE SHOULD I GO, we would opt for a Geographic Segmentation study.
  • If the question for a medical device is WHO PAYS, we would focus on an Healthcare Economics analysis and Reimbursement Strategy.
  • If the question revolves around WHO IS MY IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE, we proceed to scoring Segment Opportunities and present them in a Bubble Chart. (See below)
  • If the question is HOW MUCH ARE MY CUSTOMERS READY TO PAY, we will conduct a Pricing sensitivity analysis and refine your U.S. business model. Read more on Pricing.
  • If the question is HOW AM I UNIQUE, we will lead a Competitive analysis and Differentiation study and help you build or challenge your product roadmap according to feature priority. Re-watch the Competition webinar.

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Watch what Vincent Alcaniz, CEO & Co-founder of Pytheas Technology has to say about our Go-To-Market services

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