Satellite Healthcare partners with Uptale to develop a first Virtual Reality Training experience

Satellite Healthcare, a US-based company that provides a range of dialysis options including home dialysis, announced that it has partnered with Uptale for implementing Virtual Reality Training in order to accelerate the onboarding of Patient Care Technicians(PCT) in the Water Rooms.

Founded in  1973 by Dr. Norman Coplon, a pioneer in the field of Chronic kidney disease care, Satellite Healthcare offers patient-friendly dialysis treatment. Recently they wanted to develop the first experience to train PCTs to react to any real-life medical situation without using the actual machines.

Uptale is an Immersive Learning platform designed for businesses to create, share and track training modules in 360° and Virtual Reality. Given their expertise in providing hands-on training at scale, Uptale helped Satellite Healthcare in their online co-creation experiment  to train and co-develop a first Virtual Reality training. This start license will be distributed to Satellite Healthcare’s water room and will enable Satellite Healthcare to develop more trainings.

This collaboration will enable Satellite Healthcare’s learning and development and help their business teams to understand how to develop and deploy more Virtual Reality use cases.