big bang factory’s Golden Rules To Go West!

Based on our experience and deep conviction, we are glad to share with your our 13 golden rules to go West.

1. Ambition is good: don’t shy away from success

2. Think global and then localize

3. Don’t wait to come if the market is in the US

4. Startups can only solve one problem 
well at any given time

5. Your niche is never too small

6. Build an MVP
to assess your niche, fail fast and iterate

7. It’s way better to find 5 repeatable customers
than 10 customers without common patterns

8. Shift from relational sales to sales process

9. It is never too soon to adapt your business model

10. Don’t underestimate the required investment

11. Take the business culture difference into account, Franglish won’t cut it

12. Don’t scale your team or industrialize your product until you have built something people want

13. A winning team can be internal and external