Blog Rewind: Top Picks of 2020

What a year 2020 has been!⁠

When the health crisis first hit, we knew we had to adapt our best practices to help ease the new challenges . ⁠

As a result, our team delivered some amazing work that continues to support the entrepreneurs in their US expansion journey. ⁠

Sit back, grab a cup of joe and read our top feature blogs of 2020

  1. Raising money in the U.S., not as easy as it looks! – Discover the 114* French Tech companies who made it.
  2. Hey Start-ups, don’t wait to come to America!– Read why you should not listen to naysayers and go global
  3. How to Act American?– Read tips on how to master your body language to boost your U.S. sales.
  4. Doing business in the digital age: does location really matter?– Discover how to transition from an in-office culture to remote collaboration 
  5. How to sell in the U.S.?– Discover the Art and Science behind selling in the U.S.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know! Ping us for ☎️ or ☕

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