My Personal Lifescope Raised €1.8 million for First Implementations in Hospitals

My Personal Lifescope (MyPL), a Paris, France-based e-health start-up, recently announced that it has secured €1.8 million ($2.1M) in capital funding to drive their development in France and overseas and carry out first implementations in hospitals.

This funding round was led by investors including Karista, an early-stage venture capital firm from France that specializes in healthcare, digital and deeptech. By investing in MyPL, Karista becomes a strategic partner alongside the founders. 

MyPL, founded in 2017 by Christophe Vergne and Jean-Alexandre Kaminisky, develops a personalized augmented medicine platform built on a global approach to patient data, which helps healthcare professionals to determine accurately the personalized therapeutic strategies to be implemented for a given patient, particularly in the case of cancer patients. MyPL has exclusively developed this unique data visualization solution that allows a large amount of data as well as the patient profile to be centralized on a smart dashboard. The physicians thus benefit by getting an exhaustive, unique, and relevant clinical view of each case.

This financing will be used to do the first implementations on prestigious French hospitals, oncology centers of excellence, strengthen the team especially with Tech talents and to conduct the first observational clinical study of its e-health software platform in hospitals. 

Christophe Vergne, co-Founder and President of MyPL, commented “We are delighted with this financial partnership with Karista. We share the same thirst for innovation with their team of experts in the tech and health sector. This funding constitutes a first step that will open up new network opportunities for us to accelerate the large-scale deployment of our innovative augmented personalized medicine solution in several dozen hospitals within two years.”