How to sell disruptive products to C-level executives?

post written by our Advanced Business Development Advisor, Robert DiLoreto, now VP Sales US @MicroEJ

The key to explosive growth, shorter sales cycles and larger transactions is to target the C-suite. However, most of the selling methods you’ll see on the market do not talk about selling to the C-suite.

C-suite executives have a different perspective from management and operations people. They’re all about taking initiatives; they’re looking at a company wide view. But they’re also early adopters and risk takers, looking at the big pictures with big egos.

If you’re trying to sell your product/solution/technology to C-suite executives, you will have to follow a series of steps before closing it down:

  • Identify your targets:
    • which C-level exec.,
    • which company
    • –> Think Big!
  • Research and confirm Key Initiatives:
    • investor relations,
    • analyst presentations,
    • press releases,
    • letter to shareholders
  • Create the strategic reach-out email:
    • Subject line must mention Key Initiative
    • Opening statement “after reading a quote you made, …”
    • General paragraph: how your product is uniquely positioned to address key initiative
    • Next step
  • Preparing and going through the initial conference calls
    • Keep discussion at a high level –> Thought leadership
    • Establish rapport and credibility
    • Emotional versus Logical connection
  • Next-step meeting and demonstration of your product/technology/solution

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Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay

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