Boost your US Development with Alpha RLH and big bang factory

After a tumultuous year that was 2020, it is time to get business back in order- more so the conquest of the American market. By organizing a webinar in association with big bang factory, Alpha RLH thus took this opportunity to upskill their members with tactics to boost their US development.

The main aim of this webinar was to discuss the recent initiatives and provide companies personalized support for their US journey. The notable panel of speakers included: Thomas Colombeau, Deputy Director of ALPHA-RLH, Marie Buhot-Launay, Founder of big bang factory who has 15 years of experience in the marketing of innovative solutions, and Vianney Ruellan, Sales and Marketing Director of I2S, Innovative Imaging Solutions. They provided insights on the following expansion initiatives:

1- Planning: analysis of the priorities for the US project (100% funding by the cluster).

2- Investigating: first ultra-targeted mission in terms of strategy, positioning, search for a distributor (with the help of the Check Relance Export).

3- Launching: development of a complete launch strategy and support for its execution.

In this interactive exchange, the attendees had the chance to discuss their US projects, discover the impact of I2S returning, and learn how to put their system in place before launching in the US. 


big bang factory offers a complete program combining a startup studio, a business accelerator and a sales factory designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

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