Go Digital, Go Global

Why the US business culture can inspire you.

When we look at the pre COVID-19 picture below, we feel a bit the same as when we watch a black and white Chaplin’s movie: some nostalgia about an era that belongs to the past.

In this Post Covid-19 era, we all feel that we need to adapt the way we do business to a new reality. A reality where:

  • Face to face meetings become extremely complicated,
  • Travels are restricted,
  • Trade shows are canceled and
  • Home office becomes the new norm.

As a European living in North America for the past 10 years, I feel that European entrepreneurs could get inspired by US companies’ business culture. 

Remote business has been a reality for over 20 years in the US; the first reason being the size of the country. Living in Boston, I need as much time to fly to San Francisco as to fly to Paris. So, I better have a good reason to meet people face to face there!

Doing Home office is also widespread in the US, with 43% working remotely in 2019 (Source Gallup) versus only 5% in Europe (Source World Economic Forum).

Therefore, I would like to share some US best practices that will help European transition to become digital and global.

The first and most important step is to adopt a digital and global business culture:

  • From an opportunistic (multisector – 1 geography) to a strategic approach (1 sector, multi-geography)
  • From sales to marketing
  • From interpersonal to transactional business culture
  • From implicit to explicit company culture including vision, processes and tools

I will explain in my next post each item, but if you want to discuss this, feel free to contact me!

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