Should you be ashamed to grow your business in the time of Covid19?

Absolutely not!

If you, your company, or your product can help your clients go through the pandemic, then you should find a way to let them know.

We would like to share the story of our friends from FAMILEO, who allow families to remain connected with their loved ones in nursing homes.  Families can share posts, pictures, and messages on Famileo’s mobile app.  Every week, the messages are gathered in a personal gazette that the nursing home prints for its residents. Famileo becomes a fabulous engagement tool to alleviate the isolation of seniors in nursing homes.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, long-term care centers across the world are temporarily separating their residents from outside visitors in order to protect them. Famileo is answering a crucial problem and this might be a unique opportunity to start offering their service in the US. 

This is absolutely a no brainer. FAMILEO is unique and solves a real pain of isolation. 


How to communicate in this tough time? Which tone of voice? Which messages? How to make sure that the people are going to receive it well? 
After days of brainstorming and several focus groups with customers and activity professionals & nurses,  Famileo’s founders decided to communicate honestly and massively. They gave voice to their users,  who shared testimonials of real persons they helped during the crisis. 


Groups of people became ambassadors and helped them explain the real value leading to spectacular organic growth. Famileo did the best quarter ever although, all the team works remote y. Thanks to them, over 700 000 users are sharing messages & photos with their loved ones every week!


  • LISTEN to your customer more than ever and find ways that you, your company, or your product can help them in the time of Covid19
  • COMMUNICATE HONESTLY with your customers
  • DON’T PRETEND everything is great. Acknowledge this is a stressful time. But don’t stop selling just because you think they might not purchase.

When you continue building your business through the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s not only good for you, your employees and your investors, it’s contributing to the economy and helping the world continue to function through the crisis. 

If you face any challenge to scale in the U.S, let us know.

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