Case Study – SILLAB – Go-to-Market

SIL-LAB initiated business and confirmed its market potential in the U.S. thanks to big bang factory.

Serge Payeur worked with Marie, Julien and Mathieu from June, 15th 2019 to August, 1st 2019 to define an U.S. go-to-market strategy.

Go-To-Market Objective

SIL-LAB Innovations wanted to define its market potential and go-to-market strategy in the U.S. before raising a Series A funding.


SIL-LAB Experts was created in 2013 by Serge Payeur to provide IT consulting to biomedical laboratories. In January 2014, Serge decided with its partner Pascal Guyard to launch Anywhere Lab, a mobile application to support nurses and mobile phlebotomists who are drawing samples remotely. Within a few years, the application was adopted by all major laboratories and SIL-LAB started building partnerships with leading lab equipment suppliers that could support the company in its international expansion.

In 2019, SIL-LAB wanted to assess the potential of its unique model in the US, the largest ehealth market.

Many questions arose:

  • How to adapt the business model to a completely different healthcare system? Who pays? How much? Why practitioners should adopt the solution ? What is the mobile sampling workflow in the U.S.?
  • Is Anywhere Lab’s solution competitive compared to local players that raised over $100 million?
  • Who is the Ideal Customer Profile and what is the ideal scenario for Anywhere Lab?


SIL-LAB completely reviewed its positioning and marketing materials in one month of work to be ready for the AACC2019, the largest conference and exhibition for clinical laboratories in the U.S..

SIL-LAB received positive feed-backs from 20 laboratories and started advanced business conversations with 3 of them to launch a Proof of Concept. A major mobile phlebotomy player is interested to integrate with the app to develop the U.S. market. SIL-LAB has validated a dedicated business model for the U.S. by assessing the value its solution had for the laboratories.

I would like to give you a first feed-back after our first days on AACC. I have to tell you that it is an unexpected success! […] I thank you all again! If I am where I am, it is partially thanks to you, for sure.”


Big bang factory’s team first investigated the mobile phlebotomy market to understand the various business models:

And identified the payment workflow for homebound patients to define who should be the first target for SIL-LAB:

big bang factory performed an in-depth analysis of the competition and positioned them on the value chain of mobile phlebotomy to identify the most direct competitors and Anywherelab’s USPs.

big bang factory defined 3 possible value propositions for SIL-LAB with a dedicated business model for each of them.

big bang factory along with SIL-LAB selected one value proposition and defined a pricing based on the value brought to the customer and an extensive benchmark on the lab test cost in the U.S.

Marie and Julien helped SIL-LAB in developing the right marketing materials to support the company’s presence at AAC show:

  • A 2-pager
  • A Kakemono
  • A 1 min video

In parallel, Mathieu explained to Serge the FDA and HIPAA clearance whole process needed for SIL-LAB mobile application.

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