Case Study – PHENIX – Go-To-Market

PHENIX U.S. development plan was key to convince VCs for their serie B fundraising.

Phenix worked with Maxence and Sylvia to define an U.S. go-to-market strategy. During this mission, Phenix management gathered significant insights from the fields and were able to finely tune their target market.

Go To Market Objective

Phenix specializes in food donation and waste recovery, it uses technological solutions to reduce waste and its devastating social and environmental impact.

Phenix management asked our team to help them understand the U.S. market, define an appropriate launch location and chose the right offer among their set of digital services.


The U.S. is the world’s largest food waste country. In North America more than 150,000 tons of food are tossed out each day, equivalent to a third of the daily calories that each American consumes.

Does it mean that American don’t care about the environment ? ARE every waste reducing initiatives dead in the water? Is the situation the same in every state?

Another challenge was to choose the right product out of Phenix offering.  Phenix had developed a unique set of digital services addressing different typology of buyer and our team was on mission to find which one was more relevant.


For example, California & New York State cumulated more than 265 000 non profit organizations for more than 4 000 independent grocery stores. East South Central was the region that wastes the most of its gloceries, estimated $360 a year per person. Also, it has been interesting to analyze the destination of diverted Food Waste from retail & wholesale sectors to understand what regions were the most mature.

After implementing our team framework and data-driven approach, Baptiste & Jean were able to show to investors market insights, metrics, the potential addressable market, the more appropriate place to launch and to determine which product/pricing were more relevant.

The major’s answered questions were :

💡 What  🧩How       ⏱ When       🌚 Where 💸  Price


The team focused on two critical tasks:
Value proposition & marketing material review 

  1. Due diligence and mapping of the surplus management & waste lifecycle players 
  2. Assessment of the potential location based on the definition of criteria and scoring 
  3. Initial validation meetings with experts, competition & ideal customer profile
  4. Content review and production of marketing materials ( website; 2-pager; case studies.)

Market validation

  1. Outreach to 15+ potential prospects on two prioritized typology of buyers
  2. Roadshow alongside Brokers, Foods banks & Foods pantries and testing with different value proposition, pricing and channel approach 
  3. Reporting with data and insights
  4. Iteration on value proposition 
  5. U.S. roadmap and playbook for the first 100 days

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