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The Ultimate Guide to Pitching US Investors

At big bang factory, we spoke to hundreds of founders who have raised funding, both in Europe & in the U.S. They all said the same thing. Their deck is not just the best sales tool in their entire corporate arsenal, it’s also one of the best documents they have ever created to align the team and the mission.

Our Friend Fabrice Grinda is among the world’s leading Internet entrepreneurs and investors with over 150 exits on 500 angel investments, and has been on both the entrepreneur and the investor side of the fence. We can affirm Fabrice & his team (FJLabs) know exactly what works in terms of getting your pitch deck to do its job of securing funding. In an insightful post, Fabrice and Kelly Anne Tully, his brilliant Head of Platform & Investor at FJLabs, joined forces to share their tips, explaining exactly what makes a great investor deck, and how to put your best foot forward.

We highly recommend that you watch this episode, as it is a very good use of your time, with clear, concise and very practical insights.

In addition to the above webinar, you can also listen to the podcast on:

If you face any challenge to raise funding in the U.S, let us know.

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