Uptale presented L’Oreal’s use case during Microsoft’s Retail Innovation Days

How Virtual Reality is accelerating the Onboarding of Retail Associates

Uptale is honored to have been selected for Microsoft Retail Innovation Days in New York on January 13 to present its Enterprise Immersive Learning Platform. Microsoft’s goal in organizing this event during NRF2020 is to spark  digital transformation in retail.

Uptale presented a case study with NYX Professional Makeup, L’Oreal’s cosmetics brand for millenials showing how Virtual Reality divided by 3 the onboarding time and cost of new recruits.

L’Oreal launched over 100 NYX Professional Makeup stores globally in the past 4 years. At that speed, how could L’Oreal’s Sales Retail Academy coordinator accelerate the onboarding of Beauty Advisors and ensure consistent training for an improved in-store customer experience?

The answer was Uptale. L’Oreal decided to use Uptale’s Virtual Reality platform for several reasons:

  • Virtual Reality enables immersion of Beauty Advisors into different sales situations in a few minutes, reducing onboarding time and cost by three.
  • Uptale’s authoring tool can build immersive experiences in just 5 days.
  • Uptale’s analytics enable L’Oreal to provide a consistent in-store customer experience globally.

“Uptale is the missing link to make Virtual Reality a mainstream tool for Enterprise Learning. With us, Virtual Reality becomes cost-effective, easy-to-use and scalable. This is why Uptale has trained over 130,000 people in 140 countries in less than 2 years, and this is just the beginning!” says Dwayne Iserief, Uptale’s COO and co-founder. 

“VR training is very impactful but currently, it is expensive to design and  modify. Uptale changes that. Instructional designers are empowered with a platform to build the next generation of training,” says Xavier Wartelle, founding partner at big bang factory, a growth accelerator helping Uptale in the US.