Pytheas Technology successfully launches its subsidiary in the USA

By increasing the efficiency of renewable energy systems, Pytheas’ breakthrough generators have a great potential in the US.

Founded in 2015, Pytheas Technology develops a piezoelectric generator suitable for slow motion characteristics and irregular movements, which are the major weaknesses of renewable energy sources. This solution is unique in that it optimizes the power per weight ratio for low-speed electricity production. Therefore, this new generation of generators is very attractive for a large range of renewable energy turbines such as wind turbines, hydropower turbines, marine current, and wave energy converter systems. It offers a constant torque with electrical control increasing the production of electricity from renewable sources, making them more competitive and profitable. 

Phytheas technology’s internationalization project was supported by its several partners such as the Région Sud, RisingSUD, Région Sud Investissement, Bpifrance, Team France Export Sud, San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S growth Accelerator – big bang factory.

big bang factory’s team helped Phytheas Technology in defining their go-to-market strategy despite a constraint budget and a small dedicated organization. We helped the managing team to understand the ecosystem, from the value chain to the competitive landscape. After a strong investigation and a few market validation calls about their value proposition, the good strategy was to position the company as an “Innovation Partner” for Renewable Energy System vendors. big bang factory connected the management with potential strategic partners, such as Resolute Marine, who has designed a desalination system powered by a wave energy converter. 

This strategy has turned out to be fruitful as Pytheas Technology & Resolute Marine became “official” partners. They co-developed a desalination system powered by a Wave Energy Converter that combines a Single Point Absorber with Pytheas’ piezoelectric generator. They have been awarded at the concept stage by the US Department Of Energy for the Waves to Water prize. The goal is to demonstrate small, modular, and cost-competitive desalination systems that use the power of ocean waves to provide clean drinking water for disaster recovery and coastal communities.

This tremendous news confirmed the potential of Pytheas in the U.S. market. Shortly after, the management decided to open a U.S. subsidiary. 

The best is yet to come!

Julien Le Drogo and Vipra Arolkar

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