#Medtech Webinar

US Market Access: “Who Pays?” comes first!

While the US market for medical technologies is the largest in the world, it is probably the most complex when it comes to the practical monetization of novel technologies. Even before:

  • clinical validation plans are made,
  • FDA trajectories are explored,
  • or KOL recruited,

the board (and in particular the CEO) of any entrepreneurial healthcare company must be able to answer and substantiate two questions:

Who will pay for my solution? and how much?

An educated answer will earn the trust of financial partners and crystalize a go-to-market strategy.

In this 60 minutes webi-seminar, Dr. Mathieu Petitjean, +20 years US veteran, advisor and entrepreneur will give a high level overview of three pivotal US-centric economic models including Reimbursement, Cost-Benefit and Cost-effectiveness models. He will discuss how they each should be activated to support or define a market access plan. Each will be illustrated by a case study. Marie Buhot-Launay will also present the Virtual Accelerator Program proposed by big bang factory to further develop a practical understanding of such models, and more.

Free access to the webinar by registration only!

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