Famileo is a top 10 finalist at the Global Innovation Search

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the entire world, but one section of society has been hit the hardest: the older adult population. The isolation and loneliness that come with social distancing have had an adverse effect on the mental well-being of the aged community. 

Following these lines, the Global Innovation Search, co-hosted by Aging2.0 and The Louisville Healthcare CEO Council (LHCC), provided an opportunity for innovators around the world to showcase their products and services to help keep older adults connected to their communities, families, healthcare providers and vital information. 

Famileo’s purpose is exactly to keep seniors connected to their families. The French company has developed an innovative cross-generational communication solution for families and their older relatives who do not use modern means of communication. With Famileo, kids and grandkids can edit a newspaper from their mobile for their grandparents.

big bang factory’s team was proud to support Famileo’s US expansion, helping them in defining their go-to-market strategy in the midst of Covid-19 (here for more info). They helped the managing team to understand the ecosystem, from the value chain to the competitive landscape to better position the offer with appropriate pricing and messaging. After a strong investigation and dozens of market validation interviews with recreation Directors and Executives of nursing homes about their value proposition, big bang factory’s team defined a dedicated expansion plan.

This strategy has turned out to be fruitful as Famileo have equipped their first US references.

Now partly thanks to their presence in Louisville, Famileo was selected among the top 10 innovators with the most public votes that moved on to the Virtual Pitch Competition.

130 innovations were presented, 48 semifinalists advanced to the round of which 10 were selected to progress to the virtual pitch competition judged by a panel of leaders from The Louisville Healthcare CEO Council and Aging2.

We now wish the best of luck to Famileo!

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