big bang factory

big bang factory – open for business!

Marie and I are proud to announce the launch of big bang factory!

big bang factory is a growth accelerator that will help you unlock your U.S. sales potential while minimizing the associated cost.

All of that started 5 years ago.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at 9 am, I am in my car in the San Francisco office parking. I want to be alone to relax before the big event. A maelstrom is about to hit our team and to change our lives. The President of France, Francois Hollande is coming at 11 am to inaugurate French Tech Hub. He is not alone; 5 ministers, 60 journalists, 20 Top French CEO, the mayor of San Francisco, and the best of French entrepreneurs will attend. I know the second I step into the office, everybody is going to jump on me. I need a breather before diving into this exciting situation.

How did I get there? How did WE get there? WE as the Team. It’s all started two years ago at the initiative of the Paris Region. The Region decided to acquire Hubtech 21, Inc with the goal to help their entrepreneurs stepping into big America. I was nominated CEO of Hubtech 21 and entrusted to determine and implement a strategy.

First thing first, listen to clients. Why do you want to come to the US? What do you need? What are your challenges? How can we help?  “We need to understand the market and the business culture.” “We need connections.” “We need customers.” “We need funding.” “We need people we can trust.” “Help us not to make a mistake when hiring.”

Second, put together a team: Marie Buhot-Launay for Sales & Marketing and Joubin Hatamzadeh for Operations, then Christophe Ratte, Marie Frochen and Valerie Zeller. Team. I am always amazed by the power of a well-functioning team. A team consists of people you appreciate, people with different skills and background, people you can rely on and people who depend on you. In a team, you find more ideas, more motivation, more experiences, more pleasure at working. You learn from each other; you grow together.

Third, determine a strategy. It’s all started with a straightforward idea and a motto. The idea was to put together the best ad-hoc team for each of our clients and to develop the right methodology to accelerate the time to market. In America, resources abound, and many people possess expertise. We were going to identify and validate the best resources needed for our clients: experts in IT Security, Medtech, Enterprise Software, HR Tech, Ed Tech, Marketing, and PR.  We were going to manage the U.S. team as an extension of the French company and to optimize resources by validating the US project step by step. With our expertise, we were going to deliver what our clients need. The motto was also very simple: satisfy our clients!

Two years later, I am in this parking lot waiting for a French President. We grew from 5 to 50 customers, the team is solid and highly motivated, and we are about to become French Tech Hub, officially receiving the first “French Tech” label . Ok, let’s go and meet this President!


Where are we? French Tech Hub has served individually more than 250 customers and organized dozens of bootcamps.  French Tech Hub is going its own way as a subsidiary of the Paris Region, most likely working very closely with Business France.

The time had arrived for Marie and I to start a new venture. We decided to launch big bang factory with the same spirit as before. This time, this is a private initiative with all the freedom that comes along. We have accumulated a considerable amount of experience at starting and growing companies in the US. Our networks in San Francisco, Boston, and New York are extensive. Our success stories are numerous. We are committed to helping our clients as good as we can.

We will help you determine the best Go-To-Market strategy, achieve customer validation with first wins and ramp-up sales operation. We are your Team stateside. You can count on us to define and execute the optimum strategy that allows you to make the USA your Growth Playfield. Let us help you create your own Big Bang!

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