Announcing Our New Monthly Newsletter!

Ever since our inception, we have sent an insightful monthly newsletter highlighting the latest news from our champions along with tips on how to navigate through your startup journey to the US. During this time, we worked consistently to create valuable content that our entrepreneur readers would appreciate. Each newsletter included insightful information for startups in the form of blog posts that we wrote in-house. However, now as the competition has gotten fierce we decided to develop a more focused newsletter.

This is why, starting this month, in each issue, we will address one important question entrepreneurs face and need to ask to be able to succeed.

We hope this will be a welcome addition to your inbox and encourage you to subscribe here.  

To start things off, we have purposely chosen to focus on a rather provocative question for this month’s newsletter: “Does my product answer too many problems?

Take a look around at the products and services you are currently using and surrounded by. Why are they there? Well, it’s because they are solving a problem or filling a need you would otherwise be experiencing.

Consider this the first question on your startup litmus test: “What problem does my startup or idea solve, and how painful is that problem?” 

Think critically about this question, as an honest assessment may save hours, days, weeks, months, or years of your time. If you conclude that your product seems to be solving multiple problems, then it’s not good news. Want to know why? Read here.

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