DAMAE Medical raises €5M in Series A Financing

DAMAE Medical, a MedTech company developing optical imaging medical devices and AI software platform to help dermatologists manage their patients, announced today the closing of a €5 million Series A financing. Advised by Klever Invest, the round was led by BNP Paribas Développement and followed by the historical investors Kurma Partners and Paris Saclay Seed Fund.

The closing of this round of financing will enable further investments in the optical field and in the cloud and AI solutions. The company is continuously working to improve imaging capabilities by providing new features and diversifying the clinical indications addressable with deepLive™. In parallel, the development of web applications will open the possibilities of telemedicine and teledermatology. Finally, DAMAE Medical will develop, in close collaboration with dermatologists, AI solutions to improve the detection and visualization of skin structures in 3D, but also to help in the diagnosis of skin cancers.

The company intends to accelerate its commercial development in Europe, with major efforts in France, Germany, and Italy where traction has been strong since the commercial launch in 2020. In parallel,medico-economic impact studies will assess the cost-effectiveness benefit of the deepLive™ solution. Outside Europe, DAMAE Medical will continue its international deployment by preparing the ground for the American and Australian markets through its clinical studies already underway. The funds invested will be used to structure and strengthen the teams by seeking the most competent profiles to meet the challenges ahead.

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