Cool Startups Xavier met in France

I always enjoy meeting impassioned entrepreneurs. Their energies full my energy! My recent trip to France was no exception and this is the list of the Top 12 startups I loved.

AR GO provides AR Technologies and Factories to build new business models & experiences for the print industry, reaching both the physical and digital worlds.

Cryptonext Security markets software programs capable of withstanding the next big security threat – the phenomenal computational power of quantum computers, which will easily break most cryptographic codes currently in use.

Datadome is a real-time bot protection for e-commerce and classified businesses. It deploys in minutes on any web infrastructure, detects and identifies 100% of OWASP automated threats, and classifies them in your dashboard for easy monitoring and analysis.

Imageens develops a AI-based web platform for medical images analysis, with faster processing and more accurate and reliable reporting. First application is MRI images analysis for the early detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

Limatech produces lithium batteries that ship added intelligence for the aeronautics, boating and the automotive industry

Serena-backed Mindee’s APIs turn instantly any visual information on any document into actionable data. Applications include data extraction from invoices, expenses, receipts, and KYC ID verification.

Mypl My Personal Lifescope is an innovative patient dashboard designed for healthcare professionals, integrating clinically-validated shared health data, with every medical decision traced for utmost transparency.

Quantcube Technology predictive solutions based on most advanced AI provide corporate and major institutions with real-time accurate, actionable and strategic economic intelligence to make the best decisions. 

Sport Quantum provides all sports shooters with an interactive and upgradeable electronic target that can be tailored to all individual desires and objectives.

Webdrone offers an anti-cybercrime solution coupling a monitoring platform and investigation services.

Wenity is a user-friendly ERP/CRM designed for community management, with ambition to improve member relationship, engagement and commitment.

Wever offers to reinvent an inclusive and efficient mobility by placing users and theirs needs at the heart of the solutions put in place.