During this pandemic, generating and closing deals in the US for European entrepreneurs has become a real challenge due to travel restrictions, trade show cancellations and constrictive visa policies.

However, real opportunities must be leveraged now for some entrepreneurs as we illustrated in our article “Should you be ashamed to grow your business in the time of Covid19?

As a cluster, incubator, or VC, you might be looking for solutions to support your startups in remotely growing their businesses in the US. We can offer you the program you are looking for!

U.S. Virtual Accelerator is a hands-on customized program to support European Innovative companies to remotely launch and expand their business in the U.S.

  1. Webinar to introduce the best practices to do business remotely in the US
  2. One-on-one interviews to assess program compatibility and define precise objectives in terms of strategy, sales, or fundraising.
  3. Commando project with dedicated US-based growth operator to achieve defined objectives and transfer methodology.

Examples of deliverable:

Go To MarketSalesFundraising
– Market segment prioritization
– Buyer persona selection
– Regulatory impact assessment
– Value proposition articulation
– Sales process analysis
– Target Market List construction
– Social selling strategy definition
– Brochure creation
– Fulfillment strategy set-up
– Feedback on pitch
– Crowdfunding strategy

Watch founders share their experience:

What they say about the program:

A team that understands the US market knows how to instantly identify the customer need and translate it into a strategy that they validate with external independent experts.[…] This is reassuring for companies like ours that want to get short term ROI.

Marie-Helene Raynaud
VP Director of Marketing & Business development, ProNutri

On top of an incredibly efficient methodology, the Virtual Accelerator is led by Xavier Wartelle, an experienced entrepreneur bringing expertise, strategic advice, network, etc. In the end, we get an overall acceleration of the company strategy!

Maxime Cousin, co-founder and CEO, O'Sol

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