Conferences and trade shows remain a major lead generation source especially for XR companies that need to demo their products. Before selecting the conferences you want to participate to, make sure they align with your go-to-market strategy:

  • Which channel? if you have direct approach, make sure end-users are attending the show as many events are filled with technology providers. Another strategy can be to cosell with industry leaders such as Oculus and attend Oculus Connect.
  • Which buyer personae? If you are selling to C-Levels, focus on more strategic conferences (such as CLO Summit). If you are looking to sell to content developers: DevLearn might be the right one for you!
  • Which use-cases? For instance if you focus on training, you might want to go to events organized by large trade organizations such as TechKnowledge by ATD whereas for marketing applications, you might want select conferences focusing on brand experiences (like XRevolution).
  • Which industry? As the VR market is getting more mature, some conference develop specific tracks for healthcare (or even mental health) or enterprise VR (such as XRDC or xRS Week).

This being said, please find here our top 12 AR/VR/XR Enterprise events in the US. Let us know if you want to add conferences to the list or get more insights!